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Hy guys
I am creating a website that contain a lots of videos. My website is based on funny videos and jokes.But i am worried about VPS.I don't think my vps can handle streaming all videos at a time.
I ask my friend and he gave following Requirements in order or Run all videos
1TB vps with 30 TB bandwidth location should Europe, can you guys found out any less than 5$
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18 Jul 2017 16:40 pm

If You just want expandable storage volume ie Block Storage and mount them from your Computer Instances than such Block storage is currently available at Vulr but in New Jersey Cloud Center. Which cost You $5/Month and provide 50GB SSD Storage.

And generic Cloud VPS from Linode will Cost You $5/Month and Provides 20 GB SSD Storage with 1 TB Transfer..
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You can't get that for what you're gong to spend. Storage server is different from a streaming server
You need a high top end CPU if you're doing any kind of encoding.
Anyways Take a look at OVH Storage server. It have 4TB hard but not sure bout its processing power
Good luck
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5$ ?
well your budget isn't good for your requirements . I can suggest you soyoustart which is from $11 Visit https://www.soyoustart.com/en/server-storage/
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If you are looking for the hosting offers then you have to try https://www.wizzhosting.co.uk/ . I have been using this from last two years and i have great services and offers.
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VPS is basically the segmentation of a physical server into several virtual servers, making sure that all those individual virtual servers endorse a protected environment along with a substantial amount of CPU and RAM resources. VPS Server hosting differs a great deal from Shared hosting. The virtual servers in VPS hosting do not intend to have a competition among themselves for the acquisition of the CPU and RAM resources. natsav.com provides you with the best linux vps server hosting with 100% reliability, dedicated control and scalable environment. We assure you that all our servers endorse a protected environment along with adequate amount of ram and CPU which make us the best vps hosting providers.
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