I am looking for InterWorx Web Hosting Provider ? VPS with InterWorx Panel

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20 Jul 2017 05:28 am


Dear friends ... I am looking for InterWorx Web Hosting Provider ? I need VPS with InterWorx Panel. I Have google it but not found any clear name. Thanks :)
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20 Jul 2017 05:50 am

InterWorx does look promising; I'm intrigued to try it myself. Probably the largest host using it I can think of would be Nexcess (https://www.nexcess.net/) out of Michigan. Another would be Toqen out of PA. I haven't used either personally but both have a few reference points on internet, and all favorable as far as I can tell.

If you're shopping for clustering in particular, you might also consider H-Sphere. As far as I know it's the longest-standing major panel to support clustering, being around well before InterWorx was conceived. My host FluidHosting uses it and I've had 99.96% uptime with them for several years.

Hope those thoughts help.

EDIT - Here's an official list of InterWorx re-seller partners - http://www.interworx.com/buy-now/buy-fr ... -partners/
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