Taiwan Cheap Cloud Hosting 10GD SSD, email unlimited, MySQL, $7.9

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23 Mar 2018 09:07 am

Are you still looking for Cloud Hosting?
We provide the greatest and finest price of Cloud Hosting on V&Web.

Cloud Hosting - G Basic
Storage: 10GB SSD
Email: Unlimited
Bandwidth: 80 GB
Database: MySQL
Datacenter: Seoul, Korea
Price: 7.9 USD/month
Cloud Hosting - G Plus
Storage: 20GB SSD
Email: Unlimited
Bandwidth: 400 GB
Database: MySQL
Datacenter: Seoul, Korea
Price: 11.3 USD/month
Cloud Hosting - G Pro
Storage: 40GB SSD
Email: Unlimited
Bandwidth: 1 TB
Database: MySQL
Datacenter: Seoul, Korea
Price: 25 USD/month


Besides, we have a special app “Upsights” which can monitor your server.
What can “Upsights” do:
1. Monitoring website status
2. Using keyword to search rank of your website
3. Promoting SEO of website
4. Detecting problem occurred on website

Once you downloaded this app, you will get free trail for using 30 days as Pro member.
Download Link:http://bit.ly/UpSights
Learn more:https://www.vandweb.com/
Contact us:sales@vandweb.com

40 other location l Taiwan/Korea Server Trial for 2 days
Fast l Affordable l Reliable
High Quality Servers, Great Prices, Even Greater Support | Livechat
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